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The Life and Works of David Lindsay

The Violet is a site dedicated to fantasy writer David Lindsay, author of A Voyage to Arcturus, The Haunted Woman, and other works, including, of course, The Violet Apple.

The aim of the site is twofold: to introduce Lindsay to those who don't know about him, and to provide more information about his life and works for those who want to find out more.

For a quick introduction to the man and his works, see Who is David Lindsay? To delve deeper, use the menu on the left to learn more about his life & works.

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Călătorie în Arcturus (Amalgama)
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The Haunted Woman (Russian)
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The Haunted Woman (Ulwencreutz)
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Latest site updates
17th Oct 2017 — I've added a site index page.
11th Oct 2017 — I've added an article to the notes section of the site on David Lindsay's Family Background, following some research I've done recently. Minor changes to the biography page, too.
4th Oct 2017 — Added H E Bates review of Devil's Tor to the secondary bibliography, along with a link to the review, thanks to the H E Bates Companion. Also, thanks to the review, I have added the name of the artist of the cover of the first edition of Devil's Tor, to that book's page, and the individual edition page. Also added L A G Strong's review of Devil's Tor, with online link.
Please note: This site is not official, nor in any way associated with the David Lindsay estate, so I can't answer questions relating to copyright, permission to adapt his works, and so on. I do welcome news and information about David Lindsay, though. Click on my name at the foot of the page to send me an email.
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