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William Holloway's Film of A Voyage to Arcturus

Aided by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, William Holloway made this full-length film adaptation of A Voyage to Arcturus as a student project in 1971, working highly imaginatively, and effectively, within the bounds of an extremely low budget, using actors drawn from the students and faculty of Antioch College.

Initially released in black & white, it has since been restored, with a few colour tints added, and released on DVD, along with an interview with the director about the work of David Lindsay and the making of the film. (It's avaiable through See the buying page.)

Oceaxe and Maskull riding a shrowk
Nightspore at a window in the Muspel-tower
The film used stop-motion animated for the shrowks
Director B J Holloway
Screenplay B J Holloway and Sally Holloway, based on a novel by David Lindsay
Photography and editing B J Holloway
Featuring David Eldred, Tom Hastings, Susan Junge and Leon Holster
Duration 70 minutes
Released 1971