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The Life and Works of David Lindsay

The Violet is a site dedicated to fantasy writer David Lindsay, author of A Voyage to Arcturus, The Haunted Woman, and other works, including, of course, The Violet Apple.

The aim of the site is twofold: to introduce Lindsay to those who don't know about him, and to provide more information about his life and works for those who want to find out more.

For a quick introduction to the man and his works, see Who is David Lindsay? To delve deeper, use the menu on the left to learn more about his life & works.

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A Voyage to Arcturus (Japanese edition)
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A Voyage to Arcturus (German edition)
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A Voyage to Arcturus (Waking Lion Press)
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Latest site updates
27th Oct 2013 — The buying page now contains some information on the basic differences between editions of David Lindsay's books.
12th Oct 2013 — Added a few links to the Miscellenous section of the Links page, of Lindsay-related music, paintings and illustrations on the internet. Plus, updated some broken links.
9th Jun 2013 — Uploaded a larger cover image of the 1980 Japanese translation of A Voyage to Arcturus, to that book's edition page. Also, two images of the 1981 Japanese edition of The Haunted Woman. Plus, a larger cover scan of the Bulgarian edition of A Voyage to Arcturus, as well as identification of the artist as Luis Royo.
Please note: This site is not official, nor in any way associated with the David Lindsay estate, so I can't answer questions relating to copyright, permission to adapt his works, and so on. I do welcome news and information about David Lindsay, though. Click on my name at the foot of the page to send me an email.
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