the Violet
The Witch

“But who is Bluewright?”

“He may not be a real person; but he can’t be without meaning. There’s something behind that name.”

The Witch, ch. VII

After Devil’s Tor, Lindsay began work on his last novel, The Witch. This was never finished. Chapters 1 to 19 were published by the Chicago Review Press in 1976.


The witch of the title is a woman called Urda, who lives in a mysterious and perhaps magical house on the Sussex Downs. A man, Ragnar, is invited to the house and is given a vision of the soul’s experiences after death.

More detailed plot summary here.


The Witch

1970 — The Strange Genius of David Lindsay — J B Pick provides a lengthy summary of the plot of what he at the time believed to be the only extant chapters (10-18)
1976 — Chicago Review Press, HB omnibus |US first
1976 — Chicago Review Press, PB omnibus |US
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Chicago Review Press PB, The Violet Apple & The Witch
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Chicago Review Press HB, The Violet Apple & The Witch
Adaptations & works inspired by The Witch

1991 — David Power's composition for clarinet and piano, Bluewright, was inspired by "the strange and unique atmosphere" of The Witch. David Power is the author of David Lindsay's Vision.