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David Lindsay
Wikipedia entry for David Lindsay.
David Lindsay at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.
David Lindsay at the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, by Colin Manlove. (Subscription required, but can be accessed through some libraries and institutions.)
The LibraryThing page for David Lindsay.
The Goodreads page for David Lindsay.
Free texts
Another well-formatted free ebook of A Voyage to Arcturus, can be downloaded from Standard Ebooks.
Free audiobooks
Rafi Metz’s audio reading of A Voyage to Arcturus, initially released in 2009, remastered in 2018.
LibriVox audiobook of A Voyage to Arcturus, read by Mark Nelson, released in 2011.
Serialisation of The Haunted Woman on Brighton & Hove Community Radio. Read by Janina Karpinska and edited by Alan J Cannon. Available at part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11.
LibriVox audiobook of The Haunted Woman, read by Phil Benson, released in 2017.
See the A Voyage to Arcturus audiobooks page and The Haunted Woman audiobooks page for lists of all available free and paid-for audiobooks.
Podcasts & radio
A podcast from Necronomipod from May 2007, discussing A Voyage to Arcturus. Lasts just over 1 hour.
The SFFAudio Podcast #336 from September 2015, discusses A Voyage to Arcturus. Lasts just over 1 hour.
Janina Karpinski and Alan J Cannon discuss David Lindsay on Your Voice Matters, first broadcast 27th May 2016 on Brighton & Hove Community Radio.
The Area 42 Podcast, episode 0, discusses A Voyage to Arcturus from both a Christian and an atheist standpoint, from 2017.
The Chrononauts Podcast episode 13 discusses A Voyage to Arcturus in the first of a 2-part examination of spiritual journeys to other planets, the second of which focuses on C S Lewis’s Out of the Silent Planet. Over 2 hours long.
The Talk Gnosis Podcast interviews Jim Woodring about illustrating A Voyage to Arcturus.
Talks & interviews
On YouTube, Steven Sutcliffe’s 2016 talk as part of the The Occult in Popular Fiction and Entertainments conference at University College Dublin, “Dreams, Spirits and Witches in the strange interwar fiction of David Lindsay”. (The audio isn’t great, but it’s worth a listen.) There’s also a related interview with Sutcliffe.
Articles & essays
Abraxas Magazine Online — David Lindsay Articles. (Now via the Wayback Machine.)
An article from Textualities entitled "David Lindsay: Scottish Genius" about collecting Lindsay, originally published in Scottish Book Collector, August 1987.
The Sleep of the Soul: Night’s Pore in Torments: The Blending of Traditional and Swedenborgian Structures of Thought in Lilith, an article by Adelheid Kegler, about George MacDonald, but making reference to A Voyage to Arcturus. (PDF document.)
Douglas A Anderson’s short article on Devil’s Tor for Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine’s Curiosities column.
Article from the Telegraph, "Sacred Mysteries", from March 2005, by Christopher Howse, mentioning that David Lindsay has just got into the Dictionary of National Biography.
Brief article from the Fall 2010 issue of The Bottle Imp, "Many Worlds: David Lindsay and alternative realities" by Stuart Kelly.
Blog entry on author Ian Watson’s site, about hearing the Third Programme radio adaptation of A Voyage to Arcturus, and his wanting to write a sequel to Lindsay’s novel.
This brief, interesting memoir, Tea with Visiak, contains an anecdote about Lindsay related by his friend, E H Visiak.
An interview with SF/fantasy author John Crowley, which mentions Lindsay.
A talk by Philip Pullman, in which he mentions Lindsay.
A Voyage to Arcturus is mentioned as a possible interest of musician Nick Drake at this site.
Interview with Robert Silverberg about his 1971 novel Son of Man, where he says it was inspired by A Voyage to Arcturus.
Art & illustration
John Coulthart’s designs for the Savoy edition of A Voyage to Arcturus.
At, a photo of Stanley Kurt Lester’s painting "Who is Surtur". And another image on Flickr, of an Earring Trio inspired by A Voyage to Arcturus.
A illustration for A Voyage to Arcturus by Evan Dahm at Tumblr.
A band called Swaylone, on
A band called Devil”s Tor, with an album of ambient/electronic music also called Devil”s Tor (“all pieces recorded in a cave near Austin Texas”) on Bandcamp.
A band called The Violet Apple, at MySpace.
The Haunted Woman is included in this list of “Vasty House”-themed fiction (that is, fiction which involves houses bigger on the inside than the outside.)
Paul Burgess use Lindsay’s phaens in this online story.
This site on Tarot card interpretation, which lists books relevant to each card, includes A Voyage to Arcturus among those for The Hanged Man.
There is an actress named Joiwind Alexander, and at least one other Joiwind out there. (Thanks to Paul Annis for this information.)
This list of talks from the Practical TeX Proceedings of 2004 features an article, "A simple book design in ConTeXt" that uses A Voyage to Arcturus for its sample text.
David Lindsay is mentioned as an “Old Colfeian” at the Colfe’s School website.
In this article from Cincinnati Magazine, artist Matt Kish talks about wanting to illustrate A Voyage to Arcturus.
David Lindsay’s “Shoreham home” (i.e., Hove) is included on this Folklore Map of Sussex and the South Downs from the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy.
A Voyage to Arcturus at the Open Syllabus Explorer, showing which books are found on course reading lists alongside Lindsay’s novel.
Other writers & related sites
The website of Garen Ewing (creator of The Rainbow Orchid), who provided the portrait of David Lindsay on the main page. Many thanks!
Composer David Power’s website.
Douglas A. Anderson’s blog, A Shiver in the Archives, which often features Lindsay-related articles.
The Eldritch Dark, dedicated to Clark Ashton Smith.
William Hope Hodgson — a blog about the writer of The Night Land and House on the Borderland.