the Violet
Basic bibliography

David Lindsay published 5 novels during his lifetime. Three decades after his death, one unpublished and one unfinished novel were issued together as The Violet Apple and the Witch. He also produced a Christmas Play for his family’s entertainment, and a number of aphorisms and brief philosophical notes, the bulk of which remain unpublished.

This page lists the first publication date for each of his works. (For more details, including reprint editions, go to the relevant page for each work by clicking its title in the list below, or on the main menu.)

A Voyage to Arcturus, Methuen, 1920

The Haunted Woman serialised in The Daily News, 1921, hardback by Methuen, 1922

Sphinx, John Long, 1923

The Adventures of Monsieur de Mailly, Melrose, 1926; in the US as A Blade for Sale, Robert McBride & Co, 1927

Devil's Tor, Putnam, 1932

Letters to E H Visiak, in Adam International Review magazine, 1971

Sketch Notes for a New System of Philosophy, in Lines Review magazine, 1972

The Violet Apple and The Witch, Chicago Review Press, 1975 — one unpublished novel and one unfinished novel; The Violet Apple was issued on its own by Sidgwick & Jackson, 1978

A Christmas Play, in Tales Before Tolkien edited by Douglas A Anderson, Del Rey, 2003