the Violet
Наваждение, Языки русской культуры (Russian Culture Languages) (2001)
The Haunted Woman
by David Lindsay
Title: Наваждение
Language: Russian
Translator: Sergei A. Zhigalkin
Publisher: Языки русской культуры (Russian Culture Languages), Russia
Binding: Hardback
Date of issue: 2001
Cover: "Sidonia von Bork", Edward Burne-Jones
Publisher’s series: Garfang Collection
ISBN: 5785902052
Page count: 272
Additional material: Epilogue, "Дэвид Линдсей — таинственный музыкант" ("David Lindsay — Mysterious Musician") by Yevgeny Golovin.
Edition notes: Google translates the title as Delusion or Hallucination. These detail courtesy of Google translations of Russian pages, so there may be errors.