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2020 News Roundup 1
11 February 2020
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2020 marks the centenary of A Voyage to Arcturus's first publication, so hopefully there will be plenty of David Lindsay-related news this year. As I have been getting a bit behind, here is a roundup of some news items so far:

• Phil Moore's musical of A Voyage to Arcturus has a one-night-only theatrical viewing of the filmed version of the show, in support of the Rural Fire Service, at the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, NSW, Australia on 13th February. See the Arcturus Musical site or the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre's page for the showing for information.

• Publisher Wisecraft brought out The Lament of Prometheus: An Examination of David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus by John C Wright, who seeks "to plumb [Arcturus's] depths, decode its symbols, discover its secrets, and identify its breathtaking literary disappointment." It's available for Kindle only, and can be purchased from Amazon.

• Rafi Metz, who produced the first audiobook of A Voyage to Arcturus in 2009, has released the first two pieces of music in his Arcturian Suite, "Muspel Light" and "Joiwind's Meditation", which can be heard via YouTube. "Panawe's Song" is soon to follow. See also Rafi Metz Design for more from him.

• It seems from this page that Penguin Classics are going to be bringing out an edition of A Voyage to Arcturus in September 2020 (exactly 100 years after the first edition appeared). No further details on this yet, but it would be good if this is annotated & introduced.

And, just as a site update, I have over the last few months added a number of biographical articles about people in David Lindsay's life, including his wife, sister, brother, friends E H Visiak and Robert Barnes, and his (for a brief period) literary agent Ronald Massey, to the notes section of this site.

Turkish translation of A Voyage to Arcturus now in fourth printing
10 October 2019
Ithaki Yayinlari's Turkish translation of A Voyage to Arcturus

Publisher Ithaki Yayinlari's Turkish translation of A Voyage to Arcturus is now in its fourth printing, meaning it has sold about 10,000 copies — and continues to sell. First published in 2016, Arcturus was the 13th book in the publisher's Science Fiction Classics line, whose upcoming 50th title will be the first Turkish translation of Gene Wolfe's The Shadow of the Torturer. A full list of titles in the series can be found here.

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