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David Lindsay whole-school photo at Colfe's Digital Archive
3 March 2021
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Colfe's School, which David Lindsay attended from 1885 to 1890 (between the ages of 9 and 14), have been uploading documents from the school's past to the Colfe's School Digital Archives website. Among items of Lindsay interest, there's David's entry in the school's roll book, giving his joining and leaving dates, and the designation "FS" (meaning Foundation Scholar):

Most intriguing on the site is a whole-school photo from 1887, when David Lindsay would have been 11. Although the staff are identified, the pupils are not, but it's worth looking at to see if you can decide which might be the young author-to-be of A Voyage to Arcturus. See the photo here, and click the "Zoom On" button to get a closer look. Of course, there's always the possibility he wasn't there on the day, but most likely one of these pupils is him.

Update: A bit more searching reveals there are also class photos from the same year on the Colfe's School Digital Archives, with identifying names. None are David Lindsay. The likelihood is, then, that he's not in the whole-school photo.

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