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Gordon Greenhill audiobook of Arcturus
15 December 2020
Cover image for Gordon Greenhill's audiobook of A Voyage to Arcturus

A new audiobook version of A Voyage to Arcturus is available at Audible US and UK, Apple Books, and no doubt other audiobook sources, too. The narrator is Gordon Greenhill, and he seems to be working from the modernised Gutenberg text, in an unabridged reading lasting 9 hours, 50 minutes. Greenhill is a confident narrator, providing different voices for the characters (Maskull is gruff, Nightspore reserved, Faull and his sister Mrs Jameson seem to be Scottish). It's released through his own Greenhill Book and Audio label. It's a pity about the squashed (and, I can't help feeling, unlicensed) use of Bob Pepper's artwork used in the release.

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