the Violet
News Roundup 6
12 December 2020
Sun, Maestoso by Oskar Kallis  (pastel, 1917).

A final collection of news items to round up this centenary year for Lindsay's first novel:

• Both Nina Allan and Douglas A. Anderson have posted the text of the talks they gave at the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic's November 2020 event celebrating the centenary of A Voyage to Arcturus. The Centre have a report on the event on their own blog, too.

• I have added a page with a brief review of the 9th December 2020 Lindsay event at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, "A Voyage to Arcturus and Beyond: David Lindsay‚Äôs Visionary Imagination". There is another review at John D. Rateliff's blog, Sacnoth's Scriptorium.

• Horror writer Ramsey Campbell lists A Voyage to Arcturus among his favourite fantasy novels at Flame Tree Press's blog.

• I began this Arcturus-centenary year with news that Penguin were printing an edition of A Voyage to Arcturus one hundred years after its first publication, to the day. That edition has been delayed throughout this peculiar year, and the current date of publication is the 3rd June 2021. But it is interesting to note that an audiobook version has been added to the Penguin site page for A Voyage to Arcturus.

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