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A Voyage to Arcturus in The National (Scotland) and other updates
26 July 2020
Cover to The National

The Sunday edition of the Scottish newspaper The National this week reprints the first two chapters of A Voyage to Arcurus as part of its "Classic first Scottish chapters" series (which has also included Robert Louis Stevenson's Kindapped, J M Barrie's Peter Pan, and George MacDonald's Lilith). The online version is here, while this tweet shows the Seven Days supplement cover, featuring David Lindsay's text over Karl Friedrich Schinkel's 1815 design for the "Temple scene" in The Magic Flute.

And some other news round-up items:

• The Gateless Gate (aka Allister Thompson) released his The Voiceless Voice album in July via Bandcamp, featuring a near-12-minute ambient/electronica track called "A Voyage to Arcturus".

• The Zauberspiegel Online site featured a recent short article on A Voyage to Arcturus's inclusion in the Heyne Science Fiction Classics range. (It's in German. Here is a Google translation to English, though it is very rough.)

• This article from The Bookseller (28th May 2020), looks at the new line of Penguin Classics Science Fiction titles, which will include A Voyage to Arcturus. There's no cover image for Arcturus released as yet, but the Bookseller article gives a clue as to how it will look, as all the range will have "simple line drawings to express the warped familiarity of each book", taken from the works of modernist artists. It will be interesting to see what's chosen for Arcturus.

• And, in a neat link to The National's use of Schinkel's Magic Flute design to illustrate its extract from Arcturus, I have recently added to this site a (quite long) article on The Magic Flute and its relevance to Lindsay's novel, including a look at the specific performance he cites (the "Drury Lane presentation") in the first chapter of A Voyage to Arcturus.

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