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Scenes from Arcturus by David Kanaga
17 February 2010
Artwork for Lusion Plain 1

Over at his Small Musics blog, David Kanaga has released four short pieces "Inspired by David Lindsay's amazing novel A Voyage to Arcturus". Titled Lusion Plain 1 & 2, and Wombflash Forest 1 & 2, their total duration comes in at just over 7 minutes.

On his MySpace page, Kanaga lists his influences as The Beach Boys, Daft Punk, Eric Dolphy, Brian Eno, Toshio Iwai, Lil' Wayne, My Bloody Valentine, Oval, The Ramones, Steve Reich, Erik Satie, Phil Spector & Igor Stravinsky. Coming more from the Eno/Reich end of this spectrum, the four short Arcturan pieces have an abstract electronic sound, somewhat like an updating of the pioneering Louis & Bebe Baron soundtrack to Forbidden Planet.

"Scenes from Arcturus", as the four pieces are collectively called (not to be confused with Ron Thomas's 2001 album, Scenes from A Voyage to Arcturus), they can be downloaded free at the Small Musics blog.

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