the Violet
4 March 2023
Papadan Books edition of A Voyage to Arcturus

A roundup of news items, including some things I missed at the time:

• Alan Piper's essay on David Lindsay, "The Altered States of David Lindsay", first printed in the Psychedelic Press Journal in 2017, will be included in his collection Bicycle Day and Other Psychedelic Essays. It's available from the Psychedelic Press, and is due out on 25 March 2023.

• Daniel Cardle brought out an illustrated version of A Voyage to Arcturus in November 2021. The illustrations were first published twenty years before as The Landscapes of Arcturus: A Visual Pilgrimage, and were created using 3D software. Cardle sent the illustrations to Lindsay scholar J B Pick, whose letter of reply is printed in the book. It's a large format paperback (8.5 inches wide, 11 inches high), with 45 black and white illustrations, available from Amazon. You can see some of the illustrations on Instagram.

• A Brazilian edition of Uma jornada para Arcturus came out in 2022, published by Escotilha. It was translated into Portuguese by Alcebiades Diniz, who has also translated H G Wells. It seems to have been issued as number 12 in a subscription service, Club Escotilha, being sent out with a poster, bookmark, and a pamphlet/magazine including a short biography of David Lindsay.

• A Serbian translation of A Voyage to Arcturus was released in 2018, published by Carobna Knjiga. The translator is Ĺ˝ika Bogdanović (1932–2021), an editor, translator and critic (most notably of film, but also of comics, TV, and jazz), who also translated Tolkien, Arthur C Clarke, and Stanislaw Lem.

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