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Devil's Tor & Nightspore on Tormance from Resonance BookWorks
31 January 2009
Resonance Books Devil's Tor cover

Resonance BookWorks have released not one but three editions of Devil's Tor, and an edition of Voyage to Arcturus under the title David Lindsay originally intended for it, Nightspore on Tormance.

The three Devil's Tor editions are a hardcover, a paperback, and a "cheap edition" paperback, which has the text printed on 268 pages, rather than the larger edition's 552.

Resonance have plans to release the rest of David Lindsay's completed novels, too, as you can see from their website — including The Adventures of M. de Mailly, which would mean that this is the first time this Lindsay novel has ever been reprinted.

The books will be available via Amazon and other online booksellers soon, but in the meantime can be ordered via the publisher's website.

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