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Evertype edition of A Voyage to Arcturus
16 February 2022
Evertype edition of A Voyage to Arcturus

A new edition of A Voyage to Arcturus is out, in both paperback and hardback, from Michael Everson's Evertype Publishing. In this edition, Everson has taken great pains to provide the best text possible, and includes a prefatory "Note on the Text" detailing the many corrections made for this edition from the standard Gutenberg text generally available on the internet. There is also an extensive piece, "On the Names in A Voyage to Arcturus", which includes a reference to the many invented names Lindsay uses in the novel, along with notes from several sources on their possible interpretation, and a detailed pronunciation guide, based on a thorough survey of the audiobook editions of Arcturus, plus Everson's own expertise in languages, and discussions with scholar J Derrick McClure. There is also a reprint of McClure's 1974 essay, "Language and Logic in A Voyage to Arcturus", and two pieces from me, "Who is David Lindsay?" and "Four Approaches to A Voyage to Arcturus" (both based on pieces at this site). As if that weren't enough, there are 21 illustrations from John O'Connor.

The hardback edition is ISBN 978-1-78201-285-6, and the paperback ISBN is 978-1-78201-253-5.

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